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Outreach Programs

Field Trips for Middle School Teachers

Field Trips to a Haptics and Robotics in Medicine Lab

The Collaborative Haptics and Robotics in Medicine (CHARM) Lab offers field trips and demos/presentations in local K-12 classrooms and on campus. The CHARM Lab creates robots and human-computer interfaces that use haptics in order to improve human health, safety, and quality of life. The word haptics refers to the sense of touch. Applications of our research include:

  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Simulation and training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prosthetics


The Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, or KIPAC, is an independent laboratory of Stanford University based at SLAC in Menlo Park. It serves as a bridge between the disciplines of astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics. One of KIPAC's missions is to reach out to local communities and provide resources and tools for K-12 teachers, students and the general public. KIPAC offers: • Tours for your students • Speakers for your classroom • A viewing of one of their presentations in the Visualization Lab (Viz Lab), including a 3-D movie that traces the development of the universe, from the birth of the first star to the formation of the galaxies.

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) Cleanroom Tours

Tours of the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) Cleanroom are now offered in a variety of formats, including new live, interactive webcam-tours to classrooms. See our research equipment and facilities, and researchers working in their cleanroom gowns on the latest micro and nanotechnology.

Many types of tours are available:  Window tours (guided or self-guided) or Live, Remote Webcam Tours (from Stanford Auditorium or teacher’s classroom). More details about each tour and booking information can be found on the program website.