About Us


Stanford's Office of Science Outreach (OSO) encourages and assists Stanford faculty and students to engage in science outreach targeted at our nation's youth, school teachers, and general public that will increase their interest, understanding, and involvement in science, math, and engineering.

Reporting to Stanford's Dean of Research, the OSO helps faculty and students create outreach project ideas and proposals with which to share their research. We identify potential partners (both within Stanford as well as K-14 schools, nonprofits, science museums, etc.), assist with proposal development and project implementation, and maintain the OSO website to advertise what's on offer.

In addition, the OSO directs several programs and coordinates activities in which Stanford faculty and their students can participate, including

  • An 8-week summer research fellowship program for science teachers
  • Connecting Stanford researchers with K-12 student groups
  • Helping student groups launch new outreach projects and programs