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Lecture Series


The Stanford LASERs present four artists, scientists, thinkers, inventors and scholars who are working on paradigm shifts. The evening also allows the audience to socialize and encourages people in the audience to briefly introduce their work. Chaired by author and cultural historian Piero Scaruffi.  Check LASERs website for current schedule.

Cafe Scientifique-Stanford

Café Scientifique is an international network of informal groups that brings scientific debate into local communities. Stanford Blood Center joined the Café Scientifique community in Fall 2007 with the goal of fostering medical and scientific learning, and raising awareness within our community about the Blood Center.

SLAC Public Lecture Series

Ever wonder what goes on at SLAC? Here is your chance to find out. The SLAC Public Lecture Series opens the doors to the inner workings of SLAC for the local nonscientific community.