Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP)

Particpants in LEAP attend monthly seminars and working sessions between October and June, concluding with a capstone project that emphasizes health leadership in the domains of service, advocacy, and/or research.

The sessions are offered in seminar format, so preparation and participation is essential. Sessions will vary, however partipants should be prepared to: participate in skill-building exercises, hear from program alumni and occasional guest speakers, review leadership case studies, prepare and submit all assignments by the stated deadlines, participate in leadership assessments and plan to organize a capstone project that utilizes the skills developed during the seminars within a year.

 The program is for pre-health students who:

  • May be in or considering leadership roles on their campus or in their communities.
  • Are working to make a positive impact on health or lifestyle outcomes.
  • Have an interest in community/population health and interventions.
  • Want to build their co-curricular experiences as a preparatory experience prior to graduate and professional school application.