Data Science Weekend Workshop

At the Stanford Computational Policy Lab (SCPL), we use data science to answer some of the most pressing policy questions: Is there evidence of widespread voter fraud? (Nope.) How can we quantify racial disparities in policing? Can we reduce those racial disparities?  How can we leverage technology to prevent bias at other points in the criminal justice pipeline?

We invite students from traditionally underrepresented groups to join us for a free, 2-day data science workshop. To be eligible for the program, students must be high school juniors, high school seniors, or college freshmen. At the workshop, students will learn how to analyze, visualize, and interpret real-world data with the ultimate goal of understanding impactful policy decisions. Plus, students will receive $200 in gift cards for participating. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn a valuable skill set in a hands-on setting. Given that the tools of data science can be applied to virtually any field, we encourge students who are interested in STEM or non-STEM fields (such as social studies, government, and history) to apply!