Workshops/Seminars for High School Students


Stanford EXPLORE: A Lecture Series on Biomedical Research

July 8 - August 2, 2019

Stanford Explore covers the basic fundamentals and current research areas in Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Medicine, Regenerative and Stem Cell Medicine, Cancer Biology, Bioengineering and Genetics. Students must be in 9th-12th grade at the time of registration. Participants may sign up for all 4 weeks or for just 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Cost is $750 per week.

Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills Summer Internship

This two-week course (offered multiple times in the summer) is for students considering careers in a variety of procedure-based medical fields, such as surgery, dental surgery, and nursing. It may also be of interest to students who intend to study biomedical engineering, occupational or physical therapy, sports medicine, or to become EMTs/paramedics. Housing on campus is an option: there is a fee to participate.

Clinical Anatomy Summer Program

June 17 - 28, 2019

The two-week Clinical Anatomy Summer Program is for high school students considering careers in procedure-based medical fields, such as surgery, dental surgery, EMTs/paramedics, and nursing. There is a $4,250 fee to participate. Students must be at least 15 years old.

Stanford Science Circles

The Stanford Middle School and High School Science Circles are academic enrichment programs for students in the Stanford area who are interested in the sciences. Activities take place in the evening during the academic year. Tuition is $300.

Stanford Medicine Clinical Summer Internship (MEDCSI)

July 8 - August 2, 2019

MEDCSI is a rigorous 2 week program in Medicine that is open to highly motivated high school and premed students. Workshops and sessions are taught by Stanford faculty and include hands-on experiences such as performing bedside ultrasounds, dissections, suturing, splinting and visits to the Stanford emergency life flight station and free clinics. There are two identical sessions each summer. There is a fee to participate.

Stanford Math Circle

Math circles are weekly gatherings of high school, middle school, and elementary school students working on problems involving complex and advanced mathematical topics, guided by mathematicians and educators. Fee of $275 per quarter; some financial aid available.

Inspiring Future Scientists through Shadowing (IFSS)

July 8 - 19, 2019

IFSS is a two-week program (mornings only) hosted each summer by the chemistry department to give rising juniors and seniors in high school an opportunity to experience cutting edge chemical research while shadowing a graduate student mentor as they work in the laboratory. There is no cost to participate.

Stanford AI4ALL, formerly SAILORS

June 23 - July 12, 2019

The Stanford Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory sponsors this summer program aimed at young women who will be in 10th grade in Fall and are from underrepresented populations within the field of AI. The three-week, full-time program will provide both broad exposure to AI topics through faculty lectures and industry field trips, as well as in-depth experience with a research area through hands-on projects. Tuition including housing is $6,500; extensive financial aid available.

SIMR Bioengineering Internship

June 10 - August 1, 2019

Stanford Institutes of Medicine Research Bioengineering Internship is an eight-week hands-on design and engineering experience for high school students from diverse backgrounds. Students are exposed to exciting and novel bioengineering research topics through lectures given by Stanford researchers. There is no cost to participate other than an application fee.

Youth Leadership Conference at Stanford's Asian Liver Center

July 31 - August 3, 2019

The Youth Leadership Conference on Asian and Pacific Islander Health is a four-day conference led by the Asian Liver Center at Stanford. High school students come from all over the world to sharpen their leadership skills for effecting change in local, national, and global communities. There is a $500 fee to participate; some financial aid available.

Stanford Transformative Experience in Medicine (SSTEM)

May 11 - 25, 2019

The SSTEM program takes place over three Saturdays. Each day introduces students to four different specialties: primary care, general surgery, ophthalmology, and cardiology via an opening activity, health professional-led presentations, and hands-on activities led by Stanford medical students. There is no cost to participate but participation is limited to students residing in Santa Clara County. Not all sessions are held on Stanford campus.

Girls Teaching Girls to Code

Stanford women teach and inspire Bay Area high school girls to explore Computer Science and Engineering. Students learn coding basics, build exciting projects, and develop strong relationships with mentors in the field. The group hosts Code Camp  and several smaller events throughout the year, including workshops and company tours. No cost to participate.

Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Experience (CNI-X)

The Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Experience (CNI-X) at Stanford University is an intensive one-week summer program that generally follows a student’s sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school. During this week, students from across California, the country, and the world are exposed to the breadth of research found in the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Three sessions are offered; cost is $1,295 per session.  Financial assistance is available for applicants in need.

Design the Future

Co-sponsored by the Stanford, Design the Future is a week long immersive design thinking summer program in which students work to design solutions to real problems faced by paraplegics, amputees, and others with physical disabilities. The cost is $2,150; some financial aid available.

Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM) Summer Program

This program is designed for high school (rising juniors and seniors) and pre-medical undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, STEM, medical research and development, or health care design, with a specific focus on Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine. Tuition is $4,200 with a $100 application fee.  Two sessions will be offered in 2019: June 17-June 28 and July 30-August 10.

CS Logic Institute Summer Camp

June 17 - 28, 2019

For high school students only and offered as a Stanford summer camp, the CS Logic Institute is where you will master a life skill you need to succeed. Logic - being able to reason clearly - is fundamental to almost everything you do. Tuition is $2,000 but the Institute is offering scholarships; they are particularly interested in students underrepresented in STEM.

Data Science Weekend Workshop

September 14 - 15, 2019

The Stanford Computational Policy Lab (SCPL) is hosting a 2-day weekend workshop for high school juniors and seniors to learn about data science. Data science allows researchers to collect and analyze data from a wide variety of sources, such as social media, criminal justice, and healthcare, to inform impactful policy decisions.  

Logic is Fundamental Summer Camp

July 15 - 26, 2019

Logic is Fundamental High School Summer Camp offers an introduction to logic from a computational perspective with applications in mathematics, science, engineering, business, law, etc. A Stanford Computer Science professor and logician and an award-winning high school instructor jointly teach this workshop. The tuition is $2,000; some scholarships are available.

Stanford ValleyCare Clinical Academy Program

July 22 - August 2, 2019

The Stanford ValleyCare Clinical Academy Program is a two-week program for high school juniors and seniors with a strong interest in medicine as a career. Students will participate in an enriched curriculum consisting of hands-on activities, interactive lectures, and simulation experiences Students must be 16 years old to participate. There is a $50.00 application fee and a $3,500 fee to participate.